James M. Whitfield's America and Other Poems

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"Christmas Hymn"
"Lines on the Death of J. Quincy Adams"
"To Cinque"
"New Year's Hymn"
"To A.H."
"How Long"
"The Arch Apostate"
"The Misanthropist"
"A Hymn"
"Yes! strike again that sounding string"
"To -------"
"Prayer of the Oppressed"
"To S.A.T."
"Delusive Hope"
"To M.E.A."
"A Hymn"
"Ode for the Fourth of July"
"Midnight Musings"
"Ode to Music"
"Stanzas for the First of August"
"The North Star"
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  To Cinque p1
"To Cinque"
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ALL hail! thou truly noble chief,
   Who scorned to live a cowering slave;
Thy name shall stand on history’s leaf,
   Amid the mighty and the brave:
Thy name shall shine, a glorious light
   To other brave and fearless men,
Who, like thyself, in freedom’s might,
   Shall beard the robber in his den.
Thy name shall stand on history’s page,
   And brighter, brighter, brighter glow,
Throughout all time, through every age,
   Till bosoms cease to feel or know
   "Created worth, or human woe."
Thy name shall nerve the patriot’s hand
   When, ‘mid the battle’s deadly strife,
The glittering bayonet and brand
   Are crimsoned with the stream of life:
To Cinque p2 When the dark clouds of battle roll,
And slaughter reigns without control,
Thy name shall then fresh life impart,
And fire anew each freeman’s heart.
Though wealth and power their force combine
   To crush thy noble spirit down,
There is above a power divine
   Shall bear thee up against their frown.

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