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Poet, Nurse, Soldier

  • "I am the poet of slaves" manuscript
  • Close-up without Transcription
  • "I am the poet of strength and hope"
  • Close-up without Transcription
  • "I dilate you with tremendous breath"
  • Close-up without Transcription
  • "Strength" ms.
  • Close-up without Transcription
  • "1861" from Drum-Taps (1865-6)
  • Section Study Questions

  • Gender During War

  • Manly Men: Melville's "On the Photograph of a Corps Commander"
  • Image of Maj. Gen. W. S.
  • Manly Men and Our Army Nurses
  • Civil War Nursing: A Virtual Archive
  • Women's War Work: Alcott's
    Hospital Sketches
  • Alcott's Hospital Sketches,
    Part 2
  • Alcott's Hospital Sketches,
    Part 3
  • Nurses and Officers of the
    U.S. Sanitation Commission
  • U.S. Sanitation Commission
  • Gender Crossings: Whitman's
    "The Wound-Dresser"
  • Contradictions of Gender
  • Gender Crossings: Alcott's
    Hospital Sketches, Chapter 4
  • Section Study Questions

  • Men During War