Click on the first line to view the full version of selected poems by Dickinson along with contextual and interpretive glosses. In these seventeen poems, nine of which were sent to Susan, Dickinson alludes to Latin America, Arabia, Hindoostan, and other exotic locales.

Dear Susie -
I'm so amused at my own ubiquity that I
hardly know what to say, or how to relate
the story of the wonderful correspondent.

Who never lost, is
A Coronet to find.
Who never thirsted,

Flowers - Well - if anybody
Can the ecstasy define -
Half a transport - half a trouble -
With which flowers humble men:

Reverse cannot befall
That fine Prosperity
Whose Sources are interior -
As - Adversity

Love- thou art high-
I cannot climb thee-
But, were it Two-
Who knows but we-

I asked no other thing -
No other - was denied -
I offered Being - for it -
The Mighty Merchant sneered -

A moth the hue of this
Haunts Candles in Brazil.
Nature's Experience would make
Our Reddest Second pale.

Susan I dreamed
of you, last
night, and send
a Carnation to

A Drunkard cannot meet a Cork
Without a Revery -
And so encountering a Fly
This January Day

Some Rainbow - coming from the Fair!
Some Vision of the World Cashmere
I confidently see!
Or else a Peacock's purple train

Exultation is the going
Of an inland soul to sea,
past the houses - past the headlands, - Into deep Eternity,

Dear Sue. ,
Your - Riches -
taught me poverty!
Myself, a "Millionaire"

It would never be Common - more - I said -
Difference - had begun -
Many a bitterness - had been -
But that old sort - was done -

Some such Butterfly be seen
On Brazilian Pampas -
Just at noon - no later - Sweet -
Then - the License closes -

I could bring You Jewels--had I a mind to--
But You have enough--of those--
I could bring You Odors from St. Domingo--
Colors--from Vera Cruz--

Dont do such
things, dear Sue -
The "Arabian
Nights" unfit

Had "Arabi"
only read
Longfellow, he'd
have never been