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Higginson's "Letter to a Young Contributor"

". . . But it is worth while at least to point out that in the treatment of every contributor the real interests of editor and writer are absolutely the same, and any antagonism is merely traditional, like the supposed hostility between France and England, or between England and Slavery . . ."

Literature as an Art

". . . It is no discredit to Walt Whitman that he wrote "Leaves of Grass," only that he did not burn it afterwards . . ."

Negro Spirituals

"THE war brought to some of us, besides its direct experiences, many a strange fulfillment of dreams of other days. For instance, the present writer had been a faithful student of the Scottish ballads, and had always envied Sir Walter the delight of tracing them out amid their own heather, and of writing them down piecemeal from the lips of aged crones. It was a strange enjoyment, therefore, to be suddenly brought into the midst of a kindred world of unwritten songs, as simple and indigenous as the Border Minstrelsy, . . ."

"Unmanly Manhood"

"We say that the clergy are the appointed guardians of the public morals. Yet what clergyman in preaching a funeral discourse over an eminent or opulent parishioner, ever admits that he had a vice?. . . ."

"Men and Women. War Pensions for Women"

". . . What I wish to point out is that the tendency of this and almost all pension legislation now under discussion leads logically up to something that has never yet been proposed, so far as I know—a service pension for all women employed during the war as hospital nurses or in the Sanitary Commission. . . ."

"WALT WHITMAN. His Death on Saturday Evening--His Life and Literary Place."

". . . It has been the curious experience of Walt Whitman to find his inspiration almost wholly in his own country, and his admirers almost wholly in another. . . ."

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