James M. Whitfield's America and Other Poems


America and Other Poems by J. M. Whitfield was published in 1853 in Buffalo by James S. Leavitt. The 85-page volume consists of 24 poems, which are printed below in the order in which they appear in the volume. The volume is dedicated to Martin R. Delany, M.D. The anonymous author of the Introduction may be Whitfield himself.

Table of Contents:
Cover Page
"Christmas Hymn"
"Lines on the Death of J. Quincy Adams"
"To Cinque"
"New Year's Hymn"
"To A.H."
"How Long"
"The Arch Apostate"
"The Misanthropist"
"A Hymn"
"Yes! strike again that sounding string"
"To -------"
"Prayer of the Oppressed"
"To S.A.T."
"Delusive Hope"
"To M.E.A."
"A Hymn"
"Ode for the Fourth of July"
"Midnight Musings"
"Ode to Music"
"Stanzas for the First of August"
"The North Star"
(text of all poems)

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